• Are you new to fasting?

    It can be overwhelming as you try to sort through the info on the internet and figure out to apply a new practice to your life. Would you like help to figure out how to start intermittent fasting to improve your health? Would you like some help to come up with a sustainable fasting and eating program to help you achieve your goals and maintain them?

  • What we will cover

    In this course we will cover topics like schedules and figuring out what is sustainable for you, autophagy, metabolism issues, managing hunger, pitfalls for women to be careful about like adrenal fatigue and thyroid issues, and more. Email support is available when you go through the course if you encounter any questions.

  • I can help you.

    I have experience with intermittent fasting and have done extensive research to help you sort through the noise and figure out how to fast for better health in your life. I am also trained as a RN so bring that background to my group coaching and e-courses.

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